Cure Gout, Don’t Endure It

A classic misconception about gout is that it is a flare-up caused by eating rich food. It has been called the rich man’s disease and the disease of kings because once up on a time it would only be contracted by rich because they were the only ones who could afford meat and wine and other treats.

The word comes from the Latin “gutta” which means drop. In the middle ages, physicians believed that it was caused by the blood dropping toxins into the joints.

They were not too far off. Gout is caused by uric acid crystals building up in the blood stream. These crystals do get deposited in the joints, causing inflammation and acute pain. Usually there is joint pain in the feet and ankles but the acid in the body can affect any joint. The typical attack occurs in the joint at the base of the big toe but ankle joints and knees are also frequently affected.

The cavities of your joints are surrounded by synovial fluid. This is a thick fluid about the consistency of egg whites. The name itself comes from the Latin. Syn means together and ovial comes from ovum, which means egg. The task of this fluid to keep the joint bones lubricated.

The big question is, what causes the excess of uric acid in the blood stream? Studies have shown that some families are more prone to gout attacks. It also occurs more often in men than in women although post-menopausal women are also targets. It is also more likely to occur in people who drink alcohol. Diuretics (water pills) can wash away a lot of water from your system leaving behind a higher concentration of uric acid.


If you have already experienced a gout attack, you don’t need to have it described for you. It is unforgettable. However, in case you don’t know what the typical symptoms are, here is a list for you:

  • Sudden throbbing pain that often start at night
  • The joint feels warm and turns red.
  • Even a sheet over the joint hurts because it is so tender
  • Possibly a fever.

The first attack only lasts a few days but it will return in half the cases if it is the chronic version. If it returns, it usually lasts longer than the first attack. Chronic gouty arthritis will leave persistent joint damage and joint pain. Lumps can develop around your joints or even in other parts of your body. These are called tophi and they can leak a fluid that has a chalky appearance.
So can you just ignore the problem? No way. Take a look at this and see for yourself:

In summary, this is something that you need to take seriously. It never really goes away, even if you do not feel the pain. It is lurking in your system. Each time it returns, it does more damage. If it becomes a chronic problem, then it can deform your joints and cause endless pain. The underlying cause, the urates in your blood stream that were deposited in your synovial fluid remain there and, without treatment, you will never be free of the threat of sudden and excruciating gout pain.

Gout begins at the bottom of your body — your big toe — and moves up to your ankles, knees, hands, fingers and elbows. Unless, and this is the redeeming feature, unless you take steps to cure gout rather than endure gout.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that once an attack passes, you are home free. Those who believe it is caused by eating rich foods are on the mark. Uric acid build-up comes from an unhealthy diet, a diet high in protein and fat. Many sufferers are also overweight and their blood stream is teeming with disease-causing elements.

There is a cure for gout that is better than medication or any other treatment for gout pain. It is your diet. What you eat affects your health and if you change what you eat, you will never again feel the pulsating pain of a gouty joint. Treating your body well is better than any medicine. In particular, if you are overweight, then this is a major contributor to gout and you should be doing something about it!.

As a side note, crystals of uric acid can really wreak havoc on your system — it is the substance that crystallizes into lumps of uric acid known as kidney stones as well.

Remember – Gout can cause permanent damage.


  1. Thank you so much. Some great information. I appreciate you efforts

  2. Hi Simon,

    I really appreciate the comment. Thank you very much. If you want more make sure you like us on Facebook too. Any interesting, related and even funny stuff I find out about gout gets posted there!

  3. Thanks for the info. I hope and pray that I can have my life back because gout is truly a nightmare. Some people really don’t understand how serious this disease is.

  4. Enjoy your newsletter, great information

  5. Im havin a gout attack now, this is the 3rd day of it, and last night was the worst! Its in my lower back at the waist line, Id give anything for it to be in my toe! Ive had it for the past 3-4 years and this would be my 3rd main gout attack. I found out I had gout by going to the emergency because I thought I had a hair line fracture on my foot……

  6. Hi everyone. I appreciate all these comments and figure I’d chime in. I had my first gout attack 5 days ago and I am finally finding some relief in my big toe area! It really is a self-inflicted disease. I don’t like even calling it a disease because we bring upon ourselves with diet and the choices we make. I’m about 20lbs, maybe even 30lbs overweight. I’m an athlete and hold my weight well. With my Italian backround, I love great food and I love to drink good beer and fine wine. I’ve decided to change my lifestyle by moderating my passion for food and wine. Were not invincible and gout is one way of our bodies saying, “yo, chill fat ass. You don’t need another bottle of wine!”. Lost 10 lbs already this week. I’m definetly not goin through this pain and more importantly frustration, again!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi all. Thanks for taking the time to comment here and share your experiences. I’m pleased that I have been able to help you find information about gout, and I love hearing that people are looking to change their lifestyle to get rid of their gout. Berto has summarised up my entire website in one paragraph. Boy that could have saved me a lot of time!

  8. sultan ali says




  9. Hello Brett !
    Just aquick question Sir; My gout in one foot and specially the artritis in the other foot are getting swollen and painful when and after I excercise, run, jog for a while. I do sweat quite a bit by the time I am done, however I am not fat as I’ve lost about 20 kg of weight in last 1 1/2 year through excercise and diet.
    So, why is it hurts after excercise ??
    Thank you Sir !!

  10. Hi Florin

    I know that even after my gout attacks stopped, I continued to have problems with tenderness and swelling in my ankles. I think that the months of gout caused some lasting damage. Even now I haven’t got the full flexibility back in my ankles. But in saying that I don’t get pain any more, but I am always conscious that they are not quite right.

    It sounds like something you should get checked out by a podiatrist or doctor though, in case it’s something else.

    Do you get the pain if you do non-impact exercise, like cycling or swimming?

    Well done on the weight loss. I know how hard that is to lose the weight and keep if off so I’m always really pleased when I see someone succeed.

  11. When an attack of gout happens or to prevent a gout attack after all things failed ( other than potent drugs), I found that keeping the feet (or joint) hot and under pressure ( not too much as to prevent blood circulation) eventually clears the uric acid deposition from the area. Its best to wear two warm socks and shoes(or loafers) and keep it on during an attack. During sleep keep the socks on and cover your legs with a blanket. You can along with try the innumerable remedies available on the web like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, cherries etc to aid in the removal of uric acid and the usual potent painkillers and drugs like allopurinal etc. As the heat and external pressure build up in the area the crystals will dissolve. It seems the some have a tendency to store uric acid like fat for later reuse. The soft area around the joints which are cold is the ideal place to store it. Prevent the storage and body keeps it circulating or disposes it. Hope this helps.

  12. Try the natural product Inflamazol. I have been using it and it is amazing how fast I found relief. Certainly worth looking into!!

  13. How do you get a doctor to pay attention to your gout pain? My friend never had gout or symptoms of it until after a heart attack and a stent was put in. Is this a “normal” result of stenting or something else? She had a terrible reaction to the statin drug she was put on. Could that be a factor in getting gout? What kind of medications are prescribed for gout pain? The meds she is on is giving her no relief.

  14. i like reading this i learned some of all comments but i want to know what is the besting to do to stop attacking gout because i stop drinking alcohol and eating food but i still attack a gout.

    brett thank you that you doing this please continue so its helps us. some of researcher are good but they want to pay them to download their research

  15. Thanks for your kind words Reggie.

    But you know.. sometimes buying someone elses knowledge is a very good investment!

    Some people say that fructose (for example orange juice is high in fructose) is bad for their gout. Do you drink a lot of juice?

  16. Mark Leedom says

    …do not eat red meat…do not drink…exercise religiously everyday…daily dose of colchicine…suffering another attack as I type this…not the big toe where it has always hit before, but middle joint of right index finger…despite one’s best efforts, there may simply be a genetic predisposition (…thanks, Mom…)

  17. I truly believe if Gout was so diet related millions more people would have it, i believe most gout comes from reduced kidney Function. I recommend anyone with gout get their kidneys tested

  18. Appretiate the information Brett.

    My father suffers from severe gout. He’s on meds for it, but for some reason this last time has lasted for about 2 months of constant unbearable pain. He’s not able to walk, and has to crawl to use the bathroom and crawl to get up the stairs, he also sits down to come down the stairs, He’s been to the Dr’s, but they keep prescribing more meds.

    He’s only eating almonds and banannas because he’s scared to eat anything else. Are the almonds and banannas the problem? What foods should he be eating and not eating?


  19. Tony Phylactout says

    I had my first gout attack about 10 years ago.
    At the beginning I was having attacks every 6 months. Then gradually I was getting them
    every 3 months, then every month and eventually every week.
    It started at my big toe and then it was moving sometimes in my knees,and generally all
    around my joints, in my feet.And the pain was agonising.
    I have tried all the cures you can imagine.I tried ACV, lemons, drinking a lot of water, but
    to no avail.I tried water fasting, juice fasting,baking soda, again without success.
    I almost gave up meat, limiting it to only once a week ,gave up alcohol completely,again
    no success.
    I was living on vegetables, lots and lots of fresh fruit, milk ,cheese beans and so on .My
    eating habits could not be healthier ,or so I thought.But my gout was worsening.
    Then I decided to increase the amount of fruit I was consuming, thinking that if some fruit
    is healthy, more fruit will be more healthy.Some days I was eating fruit only ,others over 10
    portions a day.
    And alas my gout instead of improving it became chronic.
    I was desperate I did not know what to do.
    And then one day accidentally I read an article about fructose,which is contained in fruit in
    large quantities.It said that it increases uric acid, in a matter of minutes.
    Fructose is also present in table sugar, and in HFCS, which is used in soft drinks.
    I put two and two together and realised what I was doing wrong.
    I stopped eating fruit and all other sugars, for a period of 3 weeks,and by magic I saw a
    dramatic improvement.Pain was gone, swelling was gone, I was fine.
    I re introduced fruit again in my diet but reducing them to 1 or 2 a day, and my gout completely
    I do eat more meat now, and occasionally have an alcoholic drink, and thank God everything
    seems to be fine.
    Fructose was my enemy.

  20. Thank you for the great site! I too have Gout and am trying to help educate myself and others. My results have been fantastic on diet alone but its not easy. Keep up the good work and check us out some time. Will be sure to share your Facebook posts at


    Thank you EVERYBODY for your helpful input. Tony, thank you for your tip about fructose, and about how it helped you. Sugar/fructose seems to cause so many problems, and yet sugar is added to EVERYTHING that is manufactured to improve taste/shelf life. Fruit juices, even natural ones, seem to wreak a lot of havoc in the body (kind of like injecting sugar directly into the bloodstream, it seems!).

  22. My gout started in my right toe, and it was bad where i was limping everywhere at work and persistantly painful. I drank lots of pure orange juice, ate cherries, and stopped eating much meat for a few days where it slowly went away. It had been about 6 months at least and just had another attack in my wrist. Boy was this one painful. 2 nights of pain so bad i couldn’t sleep at all since it was nonstop, and my wrist had swollen up a ton and went into my hand. The worst of the pain slowly became less after about 3 days~. Its been about 3 weeks now and i’m still recovering since my wrist is still slightly swollen and very weak. It almost feels like the swelling may have slightly dislocated it but i’m crossing my fingers its just the swelling and its normal to take this long to heal fully. My problem is i can’t stop eating meat, i love food too much. I know people say there are lots of other good foods to eat but i don’t see that many that taste good. Its just too hard for me to quit meat and unfortunately its going to take me almost dying from it to stop i think.

  23. I really don’t think you have to stop eating meat. I eat heaps of meat now, but also heaps of vegetables. I’m more and more convinced now that if you have a properly balanced diet (say 1/4 meat 1/4 potato/rice and 1/2 vegetables) then you will be in good stead. I’ve lost over 30 pounds by following that diet and my gout is a thing of the past. Don’t read too much into specific things about your gout, but maybe look at the portions and proportions in your diet. Sure if you are eating really high purine foods then you are probably asking for trouble. Balance is the key, like anything in life! Good luck with that wrist. I know that some of my gout used to take a very long time to settle down. Especially when it’s not the first time.

  24. Ann Ricketts says

    Thank you so much I have being suffering for years and could not figure out what was wrong unable to work, or just could not do what I love to do best walk, cook, and @ the age of 37, I was hoping that God could take me away so that this unwanted swelling and pain could stop after reading this article I am blesses words could not explain how this make me feel I could just go on and on wirhout commers or periods Thank You

  25. Hi Ann

    Sorry to hear you are having some nasty experiences with your gout. Rest assured that you can get rid of it though. I suffered with gout pain for years until I got rid of it, but now it’s been years since my last gout attack. It can be done!

    All the best

  26. Thank you everyone for your comments, and sorry that some of you are suffering so badly with it. I had an attack two years ago in one big toe joint following surgery, and it went after 3 days. I have just suffered a further attack, this time in both feet, which lasted 3 weeks, and I still have tenderness in one toe joint. This time it was after a nasty bout of food poisoning. I am unsure if the surgery and food poisoning are factors, although I note that sometimes anesthetics and medication can be a factor, So whilst I feel for everyone who is also suffering it is also reassuring I am not alone. I am seeing a homeopath, who is treating the gout, and I will let you know if it it successful.

  27. Hi Wendy. Thanks for coming here and sharing your experiences. I used to hate it when I got gout in both feet at the same time. For me it was my ankles. It’s hard enough getting around with gout in one foot, let alone two! Anaesthetics and medication are thought to being about gout because of the acidifying effect on the body. Not uric acid in particular, but just a general acidity.


  28. Need help on what veggies and meat are acceptable during a gout attack. This time it’s in my wrist and elbow.

  29. Hey guys, gout jst attacked me two days ago for th first time. I jst felt ths terrible pain jst under my big toe n I thought it was th new shoe I bought n I will be fine th following day but th pain kept me up at night I tried massaging th pain bt it couldn’t get better, I went to c th doctor yesterday morning n she told me its a gout n I couldn’t believe it, y mst I have a gout, wat causes gout n am I nt young to have a gout ( I am 29) bt th doctor jst said I must drink water n I wanted to learn more, I googled gout as soon as I walked out of th drs room. All th causes of gout I read abt was really true because I am overweight and don’t drink much water n I jst started jogging last week.
    I have to change my life completely I can’t go thru that again.

    I will follow all th ryt things to do, I am so scared.

  30. Hi there. I know exactly how you feel. Getting gout at a fairly young age just does not seem fair does it. But the reality is that with people’s lifestyles today, and all the rubbish processed food that we eat, gout is starting to hit younger and younger people. A lot of people focus on diet, and what foods “give you gout”. And actually I am a little bit guilty of it on this site too. But the reality is that if you eat natural foods – vegetables, meat, potatos – then you will be doing yourself the world of good. If I was you I would focus mostly on your weight, and on getting rid of all the non-natural foods in your life. Best of luck with your gout… you can get rid of it, that I know for sure!

  31. Hi There, I was searching about gout and I saw this site, Im here in the hospital right now due to my gout attack..! this is the second time i have gout attack and it is in both my big toe this time. Terrible pain…Thanks for this site and I will try to change my eating habit!.

  32. Dr. Atheruddin Quadri says

    I was sufferd by gouty arthritis in the year 2007 but it was not conformed at that time hence i was not planed what to eat, the pain was continued till 2011 $ in the month of november 2011 acute gout attack has been taken place in my left Knee and i was unable to walk properly then i have undergone all investigations including MRI, Serum arthritis kit, X-rays, Calcium test, etc.then it is diagnosed as the deposited crystels are of Uric acid in the Left Knee joint . Know i change my diet as low purine food and slowley iam getting relief from gouty pain.
    I am very much thankfull to the site to take knowledge about gouty arthritis

  33. Well I just had an attack in my foot been off of work for 3 days because I couldn’t wall excruciating pain I’m finally going back tomorrow I don’t wish this pain on no one I have started changing my diet so hopefully that will help.

  34. Hi guys

    Thank you all for coming to the site and leaving your comments. I think that the more people who come here to share their story, the more that it will help others understand the things they need to do to get rid of their gout symptoms forever.

    I hope your gout clears up as quickly as mine did once I changed my lifestyle. It was a rough road for a couple of months where I thought it was even getting worse rather than better. But once I gout through that things were fine. And have been fine ever since.

    Best of luck everyone!


  35. Hi Guys,

    I am 45 years old now. I have a family with two children. I am working in the company to support my family. My first gout attack about 18 years ago on April or Mei 1994 or 2-3 months before I got married. Imagine, along my whole marriage time always acompanied by gout attacked. Where as I have only 12 leave days each year. I often absence just because I was getting gout attacked. Luckly my wife have been understand and very patient to help me to get rid of when gout attacked me. My story of gout almost the same as Tony’s. The difference is I am still have gout attacked. Even now when I am writting this comment, I am getting gout attacked.

    At the beginning I was having attacks every 6 months. Then gradually I was getting them every 3 months, then every month and eventually every week.
    It started at my big toe and then it was moving sometimes in my knees,and generally all around my joints in my feets and in my finger hand and elbow. And the pain was agonizing.
    I have tried almost all the cures . I tried allopurinol, some herbals, cider vinegar, garlic, detoction of some herbal leaves, drinking a lot of water, but to no avail. I tried water fasting, juice fasting,baking soda, again without success.I almost gave up meat, limiting it to only once a week ,gave up alcohol completely,again no success.
    I was living on vegetables, lots and lots of fresh fruit, milk ,cheese beans and so on. My eating habits could not be healthier ,or so I thought. But my gout was worsening.
    Then I decided to increase the amount of fruit I was consuming, thinking that if some fruit is healthy, more fruit will be more healthy.Some days I was eating fruit only ,others over 10 portions a day. And alas my gout instead of improving it became chronic.
    I am desperating I don’t know what to do.

    I interesting to what Toni had done to get rid of gout. Fruktose. I try to stop consume all kind o sugar whether from all kind of fruit or cakes. I hope this will work out.

    Please every body help me to get rid of gout attacked.

    Best Regard

    Agus Rohjat

  36. I’m a 22 yr old female I was diagnose at 17 w gout I’m about 20 pounds overweight iWork out on a daily basses n eat healthy but still have gout attacks pls help what should I do

  37. Hi Jessica. Without knowing your particular circumstances, what I can say is that the probability of getting gout goes up significantly if you are overweight. This might be the cause of your ongoing problems (but of course you should check this out with your doctor). If you are working out daily and eating healthy, then you should be heading towards a healthy weight. If you are not then perhaps your understanding of “healthy” eating is not quite right. I know that I thought I was eating well until I started talking to people who really know what they are doing. I’ve lost over 30lbs by exercising and eating right… but it was changing my thinking about what is actually healthy that really made the difference. The closest thing I have seen to the diet that I’ve been following is the Diet Solution Program. Those guys are basically saying the same things that I’m doing. You can check out their free video here. But make sure to go and see your doctor. You are young to have gout – although that is becoming more common now – but you want to make sure that it’s just gout and not other things too.

    All the best and I hope it comes right soon.

  38. im 38years of age i starting feeling pain at my big toe,but when i visited a phamasist he gave
    me one tablet of voltarine and the pain desapeared
    im asking whether the gout are on the way please asist.

  39. It’s possible that could have been gout. If you don’t recall actually hurting the toe by banging it or kicking something, if it just started hurting, then it could be gout.

    It usually happens in the big toe joint where the big toe connects to the foot.

    Obviously I can’t say for sure that it is gout, but there is a chance it could be.

  40. harimaya gurung says

    I first had an attack in my right toe god the pain was aweful After a few months it started on my left foot I couldnt bear it When i read all about it i thought it was surely gout. Please help me I am really scared . Can I get rid of it?

  41. If it’s as a result of your diet and lifestyle then you can get rid of it. But you will probably have to make some changes to what you eat, and how often you eat the not-so-good foods.

    Best of luck!

  42. Brian Biesecker says

    Wow, what unbelievable pain…just had gout attack in knee in patellar tendon area…I am 41 yr old male and had surgery on the knee 7 weeks ago for meniscus repair…don’t know what else could have caused it because I am in very good physical condition, although I do eat a fair amount of red meat??? After taking anti inflammatory drug pain began to go away and 3 days later feels much better…Thank You for all the info on here, I will be drinking more water and less red meat…

  43. It may have just been the surgery. You are certainly not the first person I’ve heard say that they got gout soon after surgery. One theory is that the drugs they give you for pain relief and also the antibacterials can upset the alkalinity of the body and trigger an attack. Hope it stays away!

  44. Dear fellow gout sufferers,

    I am 29 years old, not overweight, I exercise regularly and I’m in the middle of my 3rd major attack of gout (first one aged 23)! It’s 1.23AM (UK) on Sunday night and I’m up because I can’t sleep. Just wanted to say that I really appreciated reading all of your comments.

    I was given naproxin this time which I found to be ineffectual in the first few days (the attack started on Wednesday), now I have Colchicine which I have only been taking for a day so we will wait and see. My doctor says he is reluctant to put me on any permanent medication to lower my uric acid levels becuase of my age, but I’m going to emplore him to reconsider. All of the men in my family have gout, I work hard on my diet already! I cannot take many more of these bouts of gout! I felt like doing a home-amputation last night, and here I am again tonight.

    Is there anything better than Colchicine if that should fail to improve things over the next couple of days? I’ve got to work!

    All the best,


  45. Home-amputation… I think we’ve all considered doing that. I know I certainly did. There is a strong genetic component to gout, but also diet and weight are usually big factors. Because you are not overweight this is obviously not a factor for you. When you say you work hard on your diet, have you considered looking at the alkalinity of the foods you eat. It may be that you are eating generally healthy foods, but if you are leaning on the acidic side this might be contributing to the gout issues.

    Regarding your drug options.. best to talk to the doctor about that. I used to take anti-inflammatory drugs and they would really help reduce the swelling and pain. Has he given you any of those?

  46. I have been having bad pain off and on in my big toe joint for a while now. But it’s on the bottom of my foot where the joint is, rather than the top and side. The joint is not red or puplish, so I’m not sure it is gout. Can gout not turn red?

  47. Yes it is possible to have gout that doesn’t turn red. I went several months at one stage with very sore ankles that sometimes showed few symptoms of gout other than the pain. Gout can occur in varying degrees and present in different ways. What sort of pain is it? So painful that you can’t walk. Do you wince at the slightest touch? I would suggest at least getting your uric acid levels tested to see if it might be a possibility that you have gout.

  48. Thanks for the comments which I learned a lot. My husband is suffering gout for almost a week now and he couldnt walk due to the pain in the ankle and knee. What diet should I give to him now and what home treatment so that the affected knee and ankle will be exercised? How long will it be cured?

  49. Samantha says

    RE: Tony Phylactout
    My dad is in horribal pain and i was just reading you’re post. How long did it take for you’re gout to dissapper after you cut out the frutose?

  50. My brother has gout bouts. drinking lots of water is a plus…But when you have a really bad gout attack he swares that Indocin is the cure for gout. He takes a pill and in 15 min’s the pain is gone. No more gout..just saying it’s a cure for him…

  51. There is a lot of information on here about diet. I strongly suggest a low purine diet or an alkaline diet. Grab the free report on offer from this site and that will tell you a whole lot more.

  52. Not sure that you can call that a cure. A temporary pain relief measure for sure, but his repeated bouts means that he does really need to be looking for a CURE. So that he never gets gout again.

  53. Hello All,

    Don’t under estimate gout … the pain it gives is un-immaginable , for me it’s like a pitbull biting the joint of your big toe and never let go even you shout and repent for al those leasure foods … but there’s a help… pray hard , lessen your purine-foods/red meat intake and watch what you eat (you need carbohydrates for your energy, coffee is ok also). Water is 3/4 of the earth , clean drinking water will help you a lot (avoid all processed drinks/beverages). During a Gout-attack , colchicine can help to minimize pain but not cure it (I’ve tried alka-seltzer also). Once you can walk and the pain is lessened , try a 2 teaspoonful of Apple Cider vinegar mixed with 2 spoonful or raw or true honey – before going to bed daily. If you need maintenance and can afford it …. Probenecid (brand colbenemid or probalan) will do. I do hope and pray that you guys don’t suffer for that GOUT pain …walking is as hard as ever and it’s really tremendous it can make you cry and swear ….

  54. Vien gout says

    it’s true, but i think acid uric is one of cause it’s main, beside it have acid uric is not harm, i don’t know how to decrible define you can see clip i make at my institute we cure success in gout curer, chronic gout you can watch it on my website or with key words , b?nh gout and then translate your language

  55. Gout? I have a pain in my left foot near the big toe. Many of my co-workers said it was gout. I went to the doctor and they said my uric acid levels were “normal.” Also, my friends who have had gout say it “loosens” during the day, but mine hurts more and more the longer I’m on my feet.

    I’m training for a race and really just increased my running, perhaps weakening that joint and there was no injury time that I can point to. In fact, the pain began a full 40 hours after my last run… It just kind of started hurting one night right after I went to bed.

    Does this sound like gout??

    Thank you!


  56. Hi there

    Obviously it is hard to tell from your comments but I would suspect that it’s not. Is the area around the joint all hot and swollen. Like right in the joint where the toe meets the foot? Gout will usually feel hot, it will be swollen, and very very sensitive to the touch.

    I wonder if you’ve got something from the running. Perhaps “Plantar Faciitis”?


  57. Try havin an attack in your knee whilst stuck on an oil rig in the North Sea, with a medic who has no proper medication…..NIGHTMAREISH……! Hobbling around up 12 flights of stairs and doesn’t look like I can get back onshore until after 6pm tomorrow night. Had it in my toe before but this is the first time in my knee, if you think the pains bad in the toe you ain’t felt nothing yet…..!!!!
    Jeez, get me off this thing…!


  58. That’s terrible Tony. I never had it in the knee, but often in the ankles. When it’s weight bearing it’s terrible. While you wait for your flight, go and see the cook and ask for baking soda. A couple of teaspoons in a glass of water, a couple of times a day. Helps alkalinise the body, and some people swear by it as a “magic cure”. It’s definitely worth trying.

  59. Ok folks a few cures from me.I had a gout attack a few years ago—horrible.I am 6-1 150lbs.What i found to be a real relief is castor oil and a heating pad on low temp.The ricin in castor brings and dissapates the crystals and you will feel relief.After that eat nothing that is processed.My 2nd gout attack ever came when i drank a sprite soda.I usually drink water.I am not blaming sprite or anything but junk processed crap is probably to blame>Do not laugh but I used the pain i was feeling to better myself, I kinda meditated, but after i used the castor oil and heating pad it went away after a few hours.I was sore for about 2 days.I volunteer at the animal shelter and walked the soreness out,My story sounds easy on the net, but my tactic offered me relief pretty quickly.I am 40, in shape and a mild social drinker.Maybe a drink a month, eat mostly chicken, red meat maybe twice a month if that.Gout let me know that life cxan really sting.Good luck folks

  60. THANK YOU, Brett!!!

    Yesterday morning, beginning the second day of excruciating pain in the foot and after reading your 12/17/12 suggestion, I drank a glass of water containing 1 teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder!). Within 1 hour, the pain began subsiding. In the afternoon I repeated the baking soda in water. When I went to bed, there was only slight residual pain, probably from the swelling. It was miraculous, since the intense pain from a gout attack generally lasts a week for me.

    I took one more glass with baking soda this morning as a precaution and will then stop. There is still only slight residual pain. It feels like a miracle.

    Thanks again!

  61. Suggestion: Arrange the comments so that the latest are at the top.

  62. Hi. Just read through all the information and comments. Uric acid level is just 2. I have been taking allopurinol 100 mg, 2 tabs twice a day and febuxostat 80mg tabs 1 tab 2 times a day. I exercise daily, drink just a couple of times a week, have an ideal weight and all my kidney and blood reports are normal, yet I have a pricking pane in my foot, right above the big toe, almost every night, and dr’s claim it is uric acid crystals. What can I do mote to stop this pain and make it go away.

  63. Thanxs for all your post. Ive been suffering from gout for 20 years.hate to break it to you I tried special diets.,colcachine ,cortizone etc etc. we are just meant to suffer. take pain killers (percecet etc)
    curse a little and wait for pain to pass and get ready for next attack

  64. My mom suffers gout and I really wanted to help her reduce the happened on her knees that causes her that she can’t sleep at night,she cant even walk..Please help us to find ways..Im really scared when gout attacks the pain to her….I really don’t know what to do….

  65. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Helps me get some perspective. Here is my experience. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for relief.

    I am 36 years old guy, 150lbs, enthusiastic tennis player. I caught the flu a month back and recovered from it in a couple of weeks. My wrist started swelling and hurting real bad. After two and a half weeks, ruling out fracture, muscle sprain and others, the doctor diagnosed it as Gout. Three weeks into my first attack, there is still no sign of relief. I have been a vegetarian (no sea food or eggs either) all my life and do not drink alcohol either – so a little hard to cut them out. I do not believe I am overweight either and have been at this weight for over an year. I am starting to cut out on peas and lentils now.

    However, I have had chronic stomach acid issues since I was a teenager. It stays in control for some months and gets severe again. Could this have lead to Gout? I am also concerned that it has not gone down on its own in 3 weeks. Waiting for my herbal medication.

    Any suggestions on how to reduce the pain without going crazy with prescription/otc pain meds and hurting some other organ (liver or kidney)? Any suggestions to make Gout go away for good?

    Thank you and hope you are cured for this not so kind disease.

  66. Hi everybody,

    I have seen great correlation between stress and gout flare in my case. My blood uric acid hovers around 7, at “normal conditions”. Occasionally, I do take alcohol and meat (mostly chicken and fish), but that doesn’t affect me so much. However, if I’m under stress, and if I take even moderate amount of meat, I get the gout flare. My first attack was in 2009, and so far I have 4 attacks, so it’s not so bad. I am avoiding any continuous medication, as it might affect the very basic metabolism of the body.

    I’m pretty sure, Aayurveda can fix this on long term. Need to find a good doctor. People with “pitta” tendency would get gout easily. I went thru a detox aayurvedic procedure and it instantly reduced my blood uric acid in normal range.

    So, chill, and have a lot of water! 🙂

  67. I’m 26 years of age, and gout attack on me , what causes???

  68. Aching Foot says

    Staying in the medium range of uric acid, and drink plenty of water. Some say that eating apple and cherries provides relief for the pain? I hope it’s true.

  69. Cranberries are really effective and very helpful for gout. I’ve been eating that for years and it really soothes the pain.


  70. I have gout with my first attack being in my big toe several years back. I have found 100% cherry juice to be an amazing help during an attack if you drink 4-8 oz 2 x per day and then it helps keep it away if I drink a couple ounces a day when I am not having an attack. Unfortunately when I am not having an attack I get lazy about it and forget I need to drink it. But it really does help a lot.

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