Gout News: Why the Sudden Surge in the Price of Colchicine?

There are many different treatment options available for people suffering from gout today. From the practical and simple lifestyle changes to drastic ones such as surgery, more and more options are now available compared to thirty years ago. Among these treatment options, medications are probably the most convenient and accessible out in the market today. […]

Gout as a Genetic Disease

For a long time, the development of gout has been linked solely to a sedentary lifestyle, particularly to an unhealthy diet. When uric acid is not excreted by the body through the kidneys readily, they accumulate to form urate crystals causing pain and inflammation when they lodge in soft tissues of the bones and joints. […]

Gout and Myocardial Infarction Risk

Gout in itself is an alarming disorder. Because of its incapacitating effects particularly during gout attacks, one might strain his existing relationships or even lose a job. Gout strikes not only a person’s health but also his relationships and employment at worst cases. Unfortunately, gout can also usher in the development of other disorders. If […]

Gout & Diet: Other Benefits from Eating Cherries

It’s a common belief that consuming cherries can significantly help gout sufferers reduce the intensity of pain and frequency of gout attacks. For a long time, cherries have been believed to reduce pain among gout sufferers due to the antioxidants they contain. Antioxidants play an important role in eliminating free radicals from the body which […]

Gout Still on the Rise

It’s unfortunate to know that the incidence of gout is gradually increasing in the past years despite the developments in understanding the said disease. Compared to how gout was treated in the past, we are now more apt to fight gout and prevent its development. But with this steady increase, it says a lot on […]

Gout Attacks and Purine-Rich Diet

Gout flare ups are mostly associated with excruciating pain. It’s this exact experience that gout sufferers seek to avoid. During such attacks, pain is so intense that even simple tasks such walking can be impossible. When gout flare ups occur, gout sufferers become dependent to others for such simple tasks to be accomplished. It can […]

The Effects of Viagra on Gout

In the fight against Viagra, it pays to be vigilant. Because a big part of this disorder lies on lifestyle modification, a gout sufferer can definitely take active participation in fighting such disease. As we all know, eating more healthy foods and being physically active is the most basic requisite if you intend to reduce […]

Drugs for Gout: Canakinumab Showing a Lot of Promise

Over the years, researchers of drug companies have been eagerly investing their time and efforts in creating the best drug for gout. In fact, many different drugs have been produced for that purpose. However, most if not all of them do not provide the cure for this disease. Curing gout can be a very hard […]

Gout No Longer a Disease for the Rich

Historically, gout has been known to be a disease afflicting royalties. Generally, this disease is linked to the unwise choices and excessive food intake among the rich in the past. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply nowadays. While the excessive food intake was blamed in the past, we now know that the main cause of gout […]

The Impact of Gout among Women

We live in a time where women are more independent and self sufficient. Contrary on the images in the past, women of today are more open minded, driven and goal oriented. In fact, gone are the days when mothers are satisfied with just being a plain housewife. It’s not uncommon to see a full time […]

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