Can Mustard Plasters Cure Gout?

Gout is the kind of condition that you can’t simply ignore, because the pain is so intense that dismissing it is virtually impossible to do.

Mustard plaster has been used in the past to relieve many ailments including gout.
by Nikchick under CC BY-SA
Mustard plaster has been used in the past to relieve many ailments including gout.


Due to this, many kinds of treatments reported to have a positive effect are considered by gout sufferers. The range of treatment options varies from medications, natural remedies, diets, and even other forms, such as reflexology, homeopathy, and acupuncture.

One natural remedy for gout brought up by a reader is mustard plasters.

Dear Dr. Gott: I have wanted to ask this “lighter” question for a long while, so here goes: Whatever happened to mustard plasters and poultices?

Dear Reader: A mustard plaster is (or was) a home remedy used for many ailments, including the flu, coughs and colds. This old remedy is still rather common in France and Russia and is purported to stimulate the immune system, relieve pain, treat the common cold, cure gout, help bad circulation, sore muscles, rheumatism and difficulties related to the respiratory system. I find this all a little hard to believe. Through the years, as other remedies became available, poultices such as this one declined in popularity.

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