Gout News: Why the Sudden Surge in the Price of Colchicine?

There are many different treatment options available for people suffering from gout today. From the practical and simple lifestyle changes to drastic ones such as surgery, more and more options are now available compared to thirty years ago.

Among these treatment options, medications are probably the most convenient and accessible out in the market today. By just spending a certain amount, you can have medications with various mechanisms of action that can help counteract the unsettling effects of gout as a disorder.

Medications available today include uric acid lowering drugs and anti-inflammatory medications just to name a few. Among these medications, Colchicine has been known to help delay the recurrence of gout flare ups. It doesn’t lower uric acid levels in the body. But for whatever mechanism, studies have shown that it helps in reducing the number of gout attacks experienced by a gout sufferer.

Probably the most accessible treatment option for gout are medications.

Colchicine has enjoyed much popularity among gout sufferers for its positive effects. When used in conjunction with other gout medications such as Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), it significantly helps in improving the health condition of a gout sufferer. In addition to its positive effects on a gout sufferer’s health, Colchicine is also very affordable. Having a price of 9 cents per pill, this medication is very accessible to a lot of people. Or should I say was.

The price of Colchicne has significantly increased over a small period of time. From its previous price, it has jumped to cost over $5 per pill. It has come as a surprise for most people.

The reason behind this is the approval of a specific pharmaceutical company’s three-year patent on Colchicine by the FDA according a an article posted on greatfallstribune.com. Due to this exclusive manufacturing patent, only the said pharmaceutical company can produce, distribute and sell Colchicine. Although licensing fees has greatly benefited the government, the heavier load of paying for more expensive Colchicine is handed down to the consumers. Because of this development, making gout treatment options more available and accessible to greater number of people has become a harder battle to win.

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