Grapes for Gout Pain Relief

Nowadays, we are presented with many ways to manage gout. Compared to what we had 20 years ago, we are more able to provide gout treatment in many varied ways. Aside from the lifestyle changes required to prevent gout from developing, many different medication and joint health supplements can be taken in to alleviate the symptoms of an existing gouty condition. Furthermore, there are other practical home remedies you can engage in to prevent the occurrence of gout attacks. Among these remedies, natural methods have been gaining popularity over the years. Aside from being practical, these methods are backed up with scientific finding and are effective altogether.

Grapes can help relieve gout pains according to studies.

Eating potassium rich fruits such as grapes has been proven to prevent gout pains and arthritis as mentioned by an article on According to this write up, potassium helps maintain an alkaline environment which helps the excretion and prevent the accumulation of uric acid in the blood. Because grapes are rich in potassium, they have a natural uric acid lowering effect on the body. In other words, the formation of urate crystals which triggers an inflammatory response in the joint is prevented through incorporating healthy amounts of grapes in your diet. In addition to this uric acid lowering effects, consuming grapes also helps in maintaining the health of the kidneys which lead to proper excretion of uric acid through the urine.

Just like how cherries contain antioxidants, grapes also help prevent pain perception in this manner. With the help of Vitamin C, the antioxidant content predominant in red grapes can help prevent joint pains during gout attacks. Antioxidants called pycnogenols present in grapes help fight joint pain and reduce inflammation as well. Moreover, grapes contain bioflavonoid which has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps reduce the severity of a gout flare up.

Aside from being a form of natural remedy for gout, there are other benefits gout sufferers can gain from grapes. It has also been proven that grapes contain substances which prevent the growth and development of benign and malignant tumors. In addition o this, the sugar present in most grapes are healthier compared artificially synthesized ones.

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