How Proper Posture Affects Joint Health

I’ve already mentioned how proper posture can help maintain healthy joints in my previous blog posts. On that specific blog post however, I was only able to mention some helpful tips in maintaining a proper posture. I failed to divulge deeper information on how such posture affects the health of our joints and muscles.

It’s hard to appreciate how you can benefit from proper body posture if you do not know and understand the functions of your joints, bones and muscles in your body. These body parts make up the musculoskeletal system which functions to help a person move and maintain certain positions a person assumes. When you maintain proper posture you are helping your muscles, bones and joints prevent unnecessary strain and damage. This is because it takes more effort to maintain an awkward and improper posture. This causes stress and subsequent injury to these parts of your body. In order to avoid this, observing an appropriate posture while performing certain activities is important.

The following sections are directly quoted from an article written by Ashley Boyne-Shuck which further explains how proper posture can help maintain your muscle and joints healthy. In order to understand more about how proper posture affects muscle and joint health, I suggest you read through this informative write up.

If you have any form of chronic pain or arthritis, using good posture is essential for protecting your joints, strengthening muscles, preventing pain, and even conserving energy.

According to Diana Anderson, PhD, “As odd as it may sound, you can actually waste energy when you are standing in one place or even sitting motionless — if you are using improper posture. Although we may not notice until we fall down, our bodies are constantly working against gravity to keep us in an upright position.

The skeleton (especially the spine), the muscles, and the ligaments and tendons share the job of holding us up. With improper alignment, however, the balance is thrown off. Certain areas, such as the bones and joints in the lower back, end up having to support more weight than they were designed to support. To compensate, the muscles have to work harder. Eventually, back strain and even injury may result.”

Chiropractors and physical therapists will agree that proper posture is a key component to musculoskeletal health, especially as it relates to the back and spine.

Because injury is one of the risk factors associated with the development of gout as a disorder, gout sufferers like you must engage in activities that will prevent joint injury. One of these activities includes observing proper body posture when performing certain day to day task. Even in simple tasks such as picking up an object from the floor or sitting down requires you to maintain proper posture. If you’re really serious in trying to maintain the health of your joints, you’ll be willing to observe the needed changes in your posture and body positioning.

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