Major Disadvantage of Crash Diets

Because of the many technological advancements and new discoveries today, we now live in a more convenient world. Almost everything is fast-paced; even services are offered to us automatically. Unfortunately, people have grown to become impatient because of this — wanting to find shorter and more effortless ways to go achieve their wants and desires.

This mentality can be attested by the growing number of fad and crash diets existing nowadays. Today more and more people want to lose weight with the least time possible. For this reason, we find new weight-loss-promising diets emerging every now and then like mushrooms. Hearing news of a “new diet” that can allegedly help you lose 5 lbs in one week is no longer uncommon.

Although crash diest can help you loss weight, most of them have harmful affects to your health.
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Although crash diest can help you lose weight, most of them have harmful affects to your health.


Although most crash diets available today can help you achieve weight loss, it is not without a disadvantage. Because most of these crash diets involve consuming only a certain type of food or fluid for a number of days, it deprives you of other essential nutrients that your body needs. The resulting weight loss is achieved through fast and easy yet unhealthy means. In the long run, there are other health hazards that these crash diets can cause. The following sections are direct quotes from an article on which discusses the health hazards crash diets can cause in the long run.

Research has repeatedly suggested that yo-yo dieting is harmful to the body. A study conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that women who yo-yo dieted often — five or more times in 20 years — had a lower level of the immune cells that fight viruses and possibly cancer. And because crash diets often result in weight gain long-term, these efforts can seriously backfire in other ways. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that once someone has gained excess weight, the person’s hormones and metabolism fight to keep fat on because the body interprets a low-calorie diet as starvation.

Plus, as Giancoli reminded MSNBC, if you do try to lose weight quickly, it could send your metabolism screeching to a halt.

“You turn down the fire of your body furnace,” she says. “But when you go back to eating normally again, that furnace is still turned down too low, therefore you gain weight more easily and you gain it as fat, unless you’re really diligent about not overeating and exercising.”

Gout sufferers like you need to understand that losing weight is never an easy task. The sooner you understand and accept this, the possibility of you clinging to crash diets for “fast” results is lesser as well. You need to realize that starving yourself or consuming just one type of food is never healthy. A healthy diet is one that is well balanced and headed towards being observed for long terms. When you observe a healthy lifestyle through eating healthily and being physically active, losing weigh will follow naturally.

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