Mediterranean Diet and Gout

Gout is a very devastating disease. It affects not only the person afflicted with the disease. But in a larger scale, his relationship with his family, friends and even work is affected. This is particularly evident during episodes of gout attack when a person becomes less able to perform his responsibilities at home or work. However, we are well aware that gout is highly preventable. Practical lifestyle changes can help reduce an individual’s risk of developing the disease. Keeping your weight within normal ranges by eating healthily and being physically active is one of the important lifestyle changes you must undertake.

What you eat greatly affects your health.

Over the years, a great emphasis on diet has created much of a buzz. More people are becoming health conscious and a much more are acknowledging the important role that a healthy diet plays in one’s health. And gout sufferers all over the world are part of this population. As a result, an onslaught of fad diets has been plaguing us ever since. Although we are sure some of them might be safe and healthy as they claim to be, the sheer number of such diets makes it hard to identify which ones are. This makes safe dieting an alarming issue among people suffering from different kinds of diseases much more gout.

Fortunately, many different studies are being published every now and then to investigate on the effectiveness of mainstream diet. In an effort to help consumers and the health conscious, these studies spend resources in order to provide helpful information to the public. One recent study of this kind investigated the uric acid lowering effects of a Mediterranean Diet among people with gout. Published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the study suggests that such diet is beneficial for gout sufferers.

Since a traditional Mediterranean diet consists mostly of plant based foods, which are also known to contain healthy levels of uric acid, and encourages the consumption of red meat sparingly, this diet has a natural uric acid lowering effect. In addition to this, sweets and unhealthy sources of fats are also avoided by such diet which helps control weight gain and obesity. Apparently, this simplistic approach and emphasis on healthier food sources can help the body rely on its natural ability to produce uric acid as opposed to excessively acquiring it through food sources. Through this, uric acid levels are kept within healthy levels, preventing it from accumulating and becoming crystals deposited on joints which is the main problem in gout.

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