Gout Risk Increased by Soft Drink Consumption

As we all know by now, the development of gout as a disease is greatly affected by our conscious decision in the way we live our lives. Because gout is associated with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, it only means that it’s also highly preventable. You just need to understand what kinds of lifestyle changes you need to undertake in order to accomplish this feat.

However, you might not be able to do such if you do not understand the risk factors contributing to the development of gout. One of which is the increased consumption of soft drinks. This is quite alarming considering that soft drink consumption is a part of an average person’s daily diet.

According to naturalnews.com, studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School and University of British Columbia an individual’s risk of developing gout increases if he

The risk of gout development is increased by excessive consumption of soft drinks according to recent studies.

male subjects and a corresponding 12-year follow up, the study gained valuable information about the effects of soft drinks consumption in the development of gout. Among all of the respondents, 755 developed gout. The study also concluded that consuming one serving of soft drink daily increases an individual’s risk of developing gout by 45 percent. Moreover, a consumption of two servings or more daily further escalated the risk to 85 percent.

The known cause of this is the fructose contained by these soft drinks. The study further noted that if an individual gets more than 4.3 percent of his daily caloric intake from fructose, his chances of acquiring gout is significantly increased as well. In fact, 6.6 percent of daily calories from sugar alone can shoot up your risk to about 102 percent. This is because uric acid production in the body is increased as fructose consumption is increased as well. It’s no wonder that the incidence of both obesity and gout worldwide has been steadily increasing over the years. Because soft drinks are the staple beverages in fast food chains, it’s very much expected for an average person to consume more than the expected calories from sugar sources.

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