Sodium Bicarbonate Poisoning Leads to Gout Development

In my previous posts, I’ve cited many different articles regarding risk factors that contribute to the development of gout as a disease. I’ve emphasized that the major risk factors include obesity, sedentary lifestyle and a purine-rich diet among many others. Although there’s nothing wrong in emphasizing these common risk factors, it’s always a good thing to also include a discussion regarding other minor risk factors. After all, they are still risk factors no matter how minor they are.

Excessive exposure to sodium bicarbonate can lead to hyperueicemia ang gout.

According to an experiment conducted, exposure to high levels of sodium bicarbonate can lead to hyperuricemia or excessive levels of uric acid in the blood. Hyperuricemia is a precursor condition to gout. People with uncontrolled and high levels of uric acid in the blood are most likely to develop gout in the future. Using Korean Broilers as subjects, it was discovered that the uric acid levels in the blood increase significantly as exposure to sodium bicarbonate was also increased. After the examination, it was discovered that an exposure of 20 mg/dL resulted in formation of gout crystals in the joints and internal of the birds. An exposure of 40 mg/dL led to extensive kidney damage among the test subjects.

In addition to hyperuricemia, it was also inferred that sodium bicarbonate lead to excessive levels of sodium in the blood or hypernatremia. On the other hand, a subsequent drop in the blood levels of potassium and chloride ions was also discovered after such exposure. Because such substances are important in the maintenance of blood pressure levels and electrical impulses in body, other physical and functional impediments such as seizures and muscle spasm are also expected.

The results of this experiment is pretty much important considering how most people encourage using baking soda, which is essentially sodium bicarbonate, in treating gout. Remember it’s always better to play safe with regards to these types of home remedies. Anything in excess is always hazardous. Therefore, using baking soda for treating gout should be done in moderation. Also, you should consult your doctor regarding this matter for a more professional advice.

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