Women at Risk of Gout

As I’ve written on my previous posts, the incidence of gout has been gradually increasing worldwide. In fact, its scope is no longer confined within the borders of well of people; more and more people belonging to the lower-income generating categories are also developing gout. For reason such as unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, gout has grown to become a disease for all. But most written studies put more emphasis on middle aged men as the primary prey of this disease; leaving a majority of women to think that they are spared. Unfortunately, recent studies suggest otherwise.

Today, overweight men are no longer the only prey of gout. Women with the same risk factors are also prone to developing gout.

On a study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine published on May 2012, risk factors that were believed to promote the development of gout exclusively among men are now contributing to the growing risk among women as well. Early onset obesity, inappropriate Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight gain were discovered to have increased subject’s risk of developing gout. In the span of nine years, 109 out of 6263 middle aged women developed gout. The study also suggested that at the start of the study subjects having BMIs higher than 30 had 2.4-fold greater risk of developing gout compared to those who have normal BMIs. In addition to this, early onset obesity, or reaching obesity at age 25, can increase a woman’s risk of developing gout almost three times compared to women with normal weights as suggested by the findings of this study. The study was also able to discover that the findings were similar among women with Caucasian and African-American decent.

These recent developments only prove that gout doesn’t only affect men. In a greater scale, it’s affecting all people who are possessing risk factors such as obesity regardless of gender and socio-economic status. In the past we were lenient to think that it will not affect the masses and women. But with how things are going, we should try to reevaluate our mind sets on this matter.

This only means that more and more people should be made aware of the risk they are about to face if they continue living an unhealthy lifestyle. By cutting back weight through eating healthily and being physically active, an individual can significantly prevent gout from developing. By being aggressive in you efforts to avoid the development of gout, you do not only help yourself. You also influence others to do the same.

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