Gout Symptoms and Causes

Understanding gout symptoms and causes is very important. When you know what to look for you can take early action to counter an attack. This means your gout problems can be reduced instead of allowing them to escalate to full blown pain and swelling that will last for more than a week. You don’t want […]

The Disease

Gout disease can be onset by many different situations. Here we cover a few things that have a connection to outbreaks of both chronic and acute gout problems. Metabolic syndrome affects 1 out of 5 people and the risk of ┬áit gets higher as we get older. This can cause changes to the body that […]

Uric Acid Crystals

Uric acid crystals, known by some people as gout crystals, are the underlying problem causing gout pain and inflammation. When there is too much uric acid being produced in the body some of it will form hard microscopic crystals which build up in joint areas. They are very sharp, like needles or small pieces of […]

What Is The Cause?

  What causes gout? In the majority of cases the answer to this question is quite simple. An excess of uric acid in your body. When the concentration of this substance in the blood exceeds a particular level, about 7 mg/dl, it cannot remain dissolved in the blood, and begins to form into sharp needle-shaped […]


There are many different possible gout causes. Understanding what triggers your it is an essential first step towards bringing the condition under control. Gout is caused by hyperuricemia, in which the level of uric acid in your blood is raised well above normal levels. This high concentration leads to the formation of urate crystals, which […]

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