There are many different possible gout causes. Understanding what triggers your it is an essential first step towards bringing the condition under control.

Gout is caused by hyperuricemia, in which the level of uric acid in your blood is raised well above normal levels. This high concentration leads to the formation of urate crystals, which get deposited in the tissues surrounding many of the joints in your body. As a result the joints become inflamed and stiff, which causes significant pain.

There are many factors that raise the chances of you getting an attack of gout. Some of the most well-known are lifestyle, medical conditions, heredity and family history, obesity, age and sex. These play a major role and have been identified as major causes.

When you have gout you may need to make a lot of adjustments in your life to minimize the risk factors and avoid painful attacks. The triggers that cause an attack may vary from person to person, so you must find out your own triggers and avoid them.

An unhealthy diet is one of the factors that can lead to gout development.
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An unhealthy diet is one of the factors that can lead to gout development.


Diet and lifestyle are probably the most common gout causes. If you do not take sufficient steps to identify the issues, and adjust your life accordingly, you will likely continue to have problems.
Obesity has been identified as a major cause, if not the most significant of them all. If you are overweight and experiencing this disease, you must reduce your body weight to within the recommended levels. However take care, as rapid weight loss can trigger higher uric acid levels due to the presence of ketones.

Eating too many purine-rich foods helps lead to the build up of uric acid and will likely lead to repeated gout attacks. Understanding which foods are purine-rich is essential to avoiding attacks in the future.

Gout may possibly be a result of other diseases. Untreated hypertension, where the blood pressure remains high for long periods, is known to increase a person’s risk of developing the disease. Diabetes also leads to an abnormal increase in the blood uric acid.

Yet another known condition that leads to high uric acid in blood is hyperlipidemia where there are excessively high amounts of fat and cholesterol in the body.

If your gout is caused by these other conditions, then obviously treating the it is only the tip of the iceberg. These other conditions must also be addressed at the same time. Taking care of these alone might reduce the symptoms drastically.

Certain medications may lead to the development of this disorder as they can cause an increase in the level of the acid in your blood. For example, if you use aspirin for longer periods it may cause gout, depending on the dosage. Diuretic substances, used to reduce the level of salt and water in the body, is also among the known causes.

Family history, age and sex of the person are also known to play a significant factor in gout risk. Gout is seen far more often in men than women, as women normally have lower levels of acid in their blood. Men generally develop the disorder in middle-age, but it is not entirely uncommon to get it even in your twenties. Women may find they develop this disease after menopause, as their uric acid level rises to levels similar to that of men.

It is important to identify the particular causes that are triggering your condition. Because there may be many issues at play, it is important to seek out professional help. However, diet and being overweight are the most common causes, and you can usually get rid of this condition by making a few relatively minor changes to your lifestyle.


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    It is extremely strange, that nobody seems to remember, that renal function is the most important factor in gout. Chronically elevated adrenal catecholamines constrict the muscles of peripheral blood vessels. There are studies showing that these catecholamines elevate the kidneys’ blood pressure, thus inhibiting the secretion of uric acids from blood to urine. There is also a study showing that diazepam dilates pre-constricted blood vessels in kidneys, thus enhancing uric acid secretion.

    I have verified the effect of a-catecholamines to uric acid secretion and alleviation of gout pains by measuring my urine ph every time for 6 months, while I was experimenting with diazepam and different foodstuffs. I have also later verified by blood uric aid concentration tester the effect. Lowering stress-hormone level enhances excretion of uric aids from the body, there is absolutely no doubt about it, and you can test this yourself if you get the meters and follow my instructions.

    The most common cause to gout generally is caffeine dependence. Caffeine has been proved to accumulate in the body, and because most of it is metabolized to uric acids, it is stored as uric acids in tophi around the body. Caffeine keeps the a-catecholamine level elevated all the time, which directs uric acids into the tissues. Caffeine is the most common functional cause of gout.

    I have good reason to believe that as many as 80% of the general population in western countries has some form of tophaceous gout. I have had it from early eighties, and have been misdiagnosed ever since. Now I have developed a new diagnostic method to spot tophaceous gout from anywhere in the body, easy, fast, and with lab results. You can read about it in my blog. I have also developed my own treatment, which is extremely effective. I have got my blood UA levels down to normal levels, and only now I can feel that my whole body is full of tophi when the acids are melting and causing local irritation before they are neutralized by alkalic blood.



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