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Urate crystals accumulate on the soft tissues in the joints causing inflammation.
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Urate crystals accumulate on the soft tissues in the joints causing inflammation.


What causes gout? In the majority of cases the answer to this question is quite simple. An excess of uric acid in your body.

When the concentration of this substance in the blood exceeds a particular level, about 7 mg/dl, it cannot remain dissolved in the blood, and begins to form into sharp needle-shaped monosodium urate crystals.

These crystals cannot remain in the bloodstream, so will eventually find their way into the soft tissues around the joints. Once they reach a certain level, your body’s natural defences spring into action and attempt to eliminate the urate crystals from your body. When this happens you will get the classic gout attack symptoms.

The joint becomes swollen and incredibly painful, with the pain often kicking in during the night. Movement becomes extremely difficult, and the slightest touch or even the weight of a sheet can cause excruciating pain. The pain will last for several days, and for some people it may even prevent them from working.

However there is no real reason that most people need to suffer from gout any more. It can be managed and controlled easily with a combination of the right medication, diet and exercises. However, if the underlying causes are not treated in the early stages then it may lead long term problems. This might include regular or recurring gout, and could possibly extend to chronic or permanent problems.

These days we have many types of remedies for treating this disorder and the pain associated with it. There are several natural home based remedies and there are also several medications for reducing pain and dealing with the hyperuricemia. Normally if you need medication for high uric acid, your doctor will recommend that you be on the medication for extended periods, perhaps even for your lifetime.

Treatment involves a two-pronged strategy in as much as the immediate attention is directed towards bringing down the pain and swelling around the affected joint. For this non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often given to achieve good results in a short period. There are several herbal remedies that can also assist with this process.

Once this is done then the attention is focused on preventing the recurrence of attacks. As well as long-term medications, there are many herbal and natural based remedies that also give good results in the control of such attacks.

Diet plays an important role in gout management. When learning about what causes gout, you will find that some foods you eat play a very prominent role in causing the conditions that trigger attacks. You must be able to single them out and either reduce their intake or completely remove them from your diet. In particular you need to plan a diet with low or nil purines, which are the main source of uric acid.

Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of fluids including water to flush excess urate crystals out of your body on a regular basis.

Remember, preventing this disease is as simple as knowing the answer to the question “What causes gout?” and then taking steps to avoid the main triggers in your diet. You can also take extra steps to help keep the uric acid levels down.
Do this and you can be gout free for life.

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