Gout and Diet

Diet plays an important role in prevention and management of gout. Gout and diet are inseparable and you must seek out the right kind of diet that helps you lower the uric acid level in your blood. For this you need to know which foods increase the production of this acid in your body.

There are many types of diets that are specifically recommended by doctors for gout patients. Though individual customization is best for your body condition and the level of uric acid in your body, general diet plans are readily available that can be followed for great results.

Notwithstanding the fact that diet and gout are so closely realted, and that diet is not the only contributor to uric acid levels, generally the quantity of purines that you take in your food determines the level of such acid in your blood.

Due to this, the most important aspect of your gout and your diet is to take as little purine as possible in. You have to largely avoid taking the foods that are rich with this substance, and you must restrict the amount of foods that have moderate levels of purines in them.

Broad categories of foods to avoid are seafood, offal, yeast and yeast extracts and game meat. These are just some of the foods that have excess amount of purines in them.

Different studies have concluded that gout and diet are very closely related and the severity and frequency of attacks depend on the purines contained in the food.

Purines are found to be primarily responsible for high levels of acid in the blood. These high concentrations of this acid cause the formation of urate crystals that get deposited in the joints.

Strangely some apparently healthy foods are also purine-rich. In particular, mushrooms, cauliflower, peas, spinach, beans etc are known to be high on this substance. However the health benefits mean that they can still be included in the diet with limitations.

Low-fat dairy products are said to be good for gout as some people find that they decrease the occurrence of attacks even in those patients who have had a history of frequent and severe attacks.

Low fat milk and other dairy products contain low purine levels.
by NickPiggott under CC BY
Low fat milk and other dairy products contain low purine levels.


Gout and diet need careful matching and after very careful study conducted throughout the world it has been found that patients can safely follow a diet similar to that which is usually prescribed for cardio-vascular patients.

As a part of natural and home remedies that are available, it is recommended that the diet must be planned in such a way that it contains more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fruits like apple, lemon, banana etc are good for gout as these contain ingredients that can act on the blood uric acid to neutralize it. A diet that is rich in Vitamin C has a positive effect in preventing gout attacks.

Always go for a low fat, low protein and low purine diet that will help you bring down the uric acid level in your blood.

Understand also that obesity is a significant factor in many gout patients. People who are overweight have a much greater chance of getting gout as the body seems to retain more uric acid.

Gout and diet go hand in hand. Gout is often brought on by eating a poor diet. This has a double effect. The high purine levels cause increased uric acid levels, and obesity makes it harder to eliminate uric acid from the body.

Following a well structured diet is essential for the sufferer. Reducing the level of purines, and reducing the waistline go together when it comes to getting rid of gout forever. Failing to do this can lead to the condition spreading, into the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and hands. Gout knee is particularly painful.

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