Diet to Reduce Uric Acid

A uric acid diet is of vital importance to the gout sufferer.

High levels of uric acid in blood leads to the painful condition of gout. This acid crystallizes out of the blood and deposits into the joints, causing incredible pain and swelling of the area.

Many forms of treatment are prescribed for this condition, but the best long term results are obtained by eating a properly planned diet. Any diet plan that is prescribed for patients must be able to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood and must also be able to help in the dissolving the urate crystals and push them out of the body.

Uric acid is a by-product of the metabolism process and is produced mainly during the breaking up of purines we take in our food. If the food we eat contains too much purine, it cannot be utilised by the body and is degraded into uric acid. Once the concentrations of such acid get too high then gout problems begin. A uric acid diet aims at reducing the amount of purines taken in your food.

Gout sufferers should avoid consuming foods that are known to contain high amounts of purine like oysters and other shellfish.
by Augapfel under CC BY
Gout sufferers should avoid consuming foods that are known to contain high amounts of purine like oysters and other shellfish.


A gout patient must reduce the amount of seafood and red meat in their diet as these foods are rich in purines. Totally avoid taking shellfish like scallop, shrimp, oyster and clam, and particularly avoid eating offal such as liver, kidney or brain.

Some studies say that people who eat these foods are 50% more likely to have gout than those who don’t. Certain vegetables that are classified as dark green leafy vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, asparagus and spinach also contain liberal mounts of purines and hence must be limited in your diet. However they do have other health benefits so can be included in moderation.

Dairy products are found to be good for gout and hence your diet should contain milk, yogurt and cheese. These are good for bones due to rich calcium content, and they are especially good for patients due to the low purine content. Low fat options are the better choice.

Alcohol is one of the most likely causes of gout and your intake must be reduced. Alcohol itself does not contain large amounts of purine (with the exception of some beers), but alcohol modifies the metabolic processes and can lead to higher retention of uric acid.

The uric acid diet always aims to hydrate your body enough to help it dilute the uric acid and the monosodium urate crystals formed out of it and excrete the same through urine. For this your diet plan must be able to provide for enough fluids to be taken in. Try to take at least 3 liters of water and other fluids daily. Water and fluids are good for the overall health and it can help eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body.

Many vegetables and fruits like cherries, black bean, celery seeds, apples, and banana are found to be good for gout patients and so the diet planed for you should contain these foods.

Being overweight is a very significant factor in this condition. Overweight people are much more likely to get symptoms. This diet, by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables, replacing alcohol with water, and generally being a healthier diet, will assist in weight loss. However care must be taken to lose weight slowly as rapid weight loss can cause ketosis which may set off a attack.

If you combine a good uric acid diet with a proper exercise regimen, you will significantly lower your risk of future attacks. Remember that if left untreated this disease will continue to worsen and can even become a permanent problem.


  1. Donis Fylaktou says

    I have had gout for years, and tried just about everything without success.I reduced meat to, minimum once a week, stopped alcohol altogether.I was having LOTS of fruit and vegetables and my gout was worsening.Finally I have read something about Excessive fructose increasing uric acid.I experimented reducing my fruit intake to 2 a day, and bingo within days I saw a dramatic improvement

  2. Hi there. That’s really interesting. I had definitely heard of the link between fructose and gout, but I hadn’t come into contact with anyone who had actually experienced the issue. I eat a ton of fruit now but it’s not affected me.

    That’s a part of the problem with gout now though. It’s not the same for everyone.

    Thank you for leaving that information here. Most appreciated!


  3. HI, It’s so interesting to read all about this topic(Uric acid and Gout) because of my condition right now, i’ve been dianose with high uric acid 4 years ago, and now i’m suffering from my gout which i’m afraid it will get worse if i don’t do somethig to avoid all it causes. i thank you very much for having a column about all this health problems, it really helps us a lot. thanks and more POWER!!

  4. Bharat Bhushan says

    I have goat problum for ten years recring pain iavod meat beans eat fruit and fast ,ireduc some problium

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