Low Purine Diet

Studies show that a low purine diet for gout is a great way to offset problems with it. Such foods help the body to produce less uric acid which is the underlying reason why gout develops.

Most people don’t eat like they should because they are too busy or they don’t have the right information about nutrition. They tend to consume large amounts of red meat, seafood, and drinks with fructose. All of those choices though increase the chances of this disorder occurring.

Avoid high protein diets as your body is going to produce more uric acid. You want to avoid organ meats including liver, herring, anchovies, beef, pork, and lamb. Try to eat fish that is low in fat. Seafood including tuna and crab should only be consumed in moderation. When such foods are consumed often there is going to be a problem with uric acid in the body.

Protein can come from plant items such as beans and legumes. At the same time you will cut down on fats that can lead to obesity. A low purine diet for gout includes lots of Vitamin C. This can be found in oranges and various other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Select complex carbohydrates instead of refined ones. You want to look for food products that are whole grains. Try to have plenty of food on hand that is free of sugar. Those snacks you love can be causing your  problems.

A low purine diet should include eating three meals per day and two snacks. You never want to skip meals though as that can be hard for your metabolism and that can lead to weight gain.

Avoid consuming any type of alcohol, especially beer, due to the way in which they are going to promote the retention of uric acid. Brewers yeast is known to be a trigger. Be very conscious about what you drink all the time. You don’t want to have drinks that contain fructose. You want to drink lots of fluid so that you aren’t dehydrated.

Gout sufferers should avoid consuming beer since it promotes uric acid retention.
by Tim Pearce, Los Gatos under CC BY
Gout sufferers should avoid consuming beer since it promotes uric acid retention.


Water is going to help you flush toxins and uric acid from the body. If you don’t like plain water add some slices of lemon or lime to it. You can drink green tea as well. Coffee is said to be something that can help you but keep the sugar and other additives to a minimum.

A low purine diet can help you to stop those painful experiences from happening. Give it several weeks to work though before you give up on the option. You will want to plan your meals well in advance so that you are able make healthy eating choices. If you work outside of the home you need to pack your lunch and snacks with you so that can reduce the chances of eating foods that may trigger an attack.

Learning to read labels can also help. You can fix healthy meals for the entire family with such guidelines too. You aren’t going to have to fix separate foods just for you. If you are struggling there are specific recipe books available. Alternatively you may want to consult with a dietician to get you on the right track.

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