Big Toe Pain

Big toe pain may be the result of gout. This is a type of arthritis that occurs when there is too much uric acid in the body. Then there are crystals that form that are as sharp as needles. While these crystals are able to form in any joints of the body the bigger toe is the most common area.

Most people are have only one painful big toe but others have it on both of them at the same time. The toe can become several times larger than it normally would be. If you ever watch the cartoons where they hit their toe and it turns huge and red, that is similar to how it will look and feel if you have this condition. It can be very hot to the touch and it is common for someone to have a fever too.

A flare of big toe gout can occur very quickly. Most of the time it will occur while a person is sleeping. Experts believe this is due to the drop in body temperature while a person rests. You can go to bed feeling fine and then wake up with a throbbing painful toe that is so sensitive even the weight of a sheet or blanket on top of it is just too much to bear.

The big toe receives a lot of pressure making it prone to injury leading to gout.
by Phillie Casablanca under CC BY
The big toe receives a lot of pressure making it prone to injury leading to gout.


There is also a great deal of pressure that will develop around the toe due to gout. When this occurs it can be difficult to walk. The swelling may be so severe that a person isn’t able to walk because their balance is going to be off. The risk of falling is very high when this disease is affecting the big toe. Of course putting on footwear is virtually impossible as well.

Toe pain associated with this condition may be something that a person feels quite often. Unfortunately many individuals suffer from chronic gout. This means they have it very frequently. It can definitely make it very hard for them to have any normalcy in their life. It is very hard to eat, sleep, concentrate, or to take pleasure in life when you suffer from pain.

For others the problem is acute in nature. That means it will come from out of the blue and be very painful. This is what most people experience in their big toe when they have problems. What studies show though is that over time the length of time between episodes can get shorter and shorter. This means if you don’t take action acute attacks affecting the big toe can turn into chronic ones.

Anyone is at risk for gout but there are factors that increase that risk. A diet that is high purine, a sedentary lifestyle, carrying around extra weight, and even a family history of the condition can all be huge risk factors. If you want to avoid this then you must make changes to your own habits. It only takes one outbreak of gout for a person to realize they don’t want to ever have pain like that in their toe again.

You don’t have to just go through life at the mercy of pain though. There are many natural ways that you are able to be able to find relief. By changing your diet, exercising daily, and shedding extra weight you can offset the problems with symptoms that may be in your future. In fact, there is a very good chance with consistent changes you will never have to be exposed to such devastating big toe pain again.

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