Oh The Pain!

People who have had gout pain know how much suffering it can cause. They also know it can completely disrupt their normal life.

The numbing or tingling sensation that begins, usually in your big toe, soon becomes a hot, burning pain in your joint and makes it completely stiff and unusable. The pain is indescribably bad, and those who have never suffered from gout cannot possibly understand the agony the victim has to endure.

While pain will often show up in the big toe area, this is not the only place that it can be found. Any joint in the body is susceptible to gout pain, particularly as the it begins to get worse.

The pain during an attack is caused by the deposit of urate crystals. These form because of the excess of uric acid in your blood level, a condition known as hyperuricemia. Once these crystals lodge in the soft tissues around your joint, the body reacts as it would to the invasion of a foreign body such as a bacterial infection. It floods the affected area with inflammatory cells, leading to the swelling and pain usually associated with this condition. The crystals themselves can rupture the inflammatory cells which leads to an even stronger response from the body.

Usually the sufferer’s first priority is to get rid of the pain, so that they may resume their normal life as quickly as possible. It can affect the sufferer’s ability to work, so it is important to deal with the immediate issues first. However, in the long run the underlying conditions need to be remedied to prevent attacks from returning. If left alone it can get a lot worse, to the point that it becomes almost permanent.

There are many types of gout pain relief, and you have the option of going for home based natural remedies or medication. Medication such as NSAIDs can provide rapid reduction in the swelling, but can have some adverse side effects. Also not everybody can take the medications available.

As such, people are increasingly opting for natural gout treatment. Some commonly available natural substances are found to have the high effectiveness in controlling the pain, as well as preventing the recurrence of attacks.

One such natural product is cherry juice which is well established as having the ability to reduce the pain caused by gout. Rich in anthocyanins, cherries are excellent for controlling the pain and swelling associated with an attack. Their anti-inflammatory properties are comparable to that of many of the NSAID drugs prescribed by doctors. But these are natural and hence there are no side effects, unlike those which can be caused by medication.

Baking soda is known to cause pain relief for some gout sufferers.
by Michael Francis McCarthy under CC BY
Baking soda is known to cause pain relief for some gout sufferers.


Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking soda) can also give good relief from pain. The use of baking soda for pain control in patients is an ancient practice and is still continued by many patients. Simply mix half a teaspoonful of baking soda in a large glass of water every 4 to 6 hours till the pain is gone.

However take care with this option as bicarbonate of soda is a salt, so it should not be taken too much. Of course you should consult with a medical professional before undertaking any treatment program.

Changing your food habits and avoiding certain foods that cause the accumulation of uric acid in your body can achieve the best relief from long-term pain. Many foods are high in purines, which break down in the body into such acid. As well as this, being overweight can have a significant impact on the body’s uric acid levels, and in general the foods that are good for your condition will also help you attain and maintain a healthy weight.

Water is important for gout, as it is for general health. In the case of this condition, drinking at several liters of water daily will help your body to excrete more uric acid out of your body. Good exercise helps all your joints and muscles regain strength and help in maintaining good form even after repeated attacks.

This will help them from becoming permanently damaged due to lack of flexibility.

Acute attacks can morph into long term a chronic condition if the underlying issues are not addressed. It is vital that once the immediate pain has passed that the sufferer attends to the underlying root causes of their gout. If they don’t, it will get a whole lot worse over time.


  1. sunflower seed trigger gout serious.

  2. I’ve never had that problem, but I know others have. Everyone will have different reactions so we all need to take responsibility for working out our own circumstances


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