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So, can you get gout in your knee? You bet you can. The majority of people get their first gout attack in their toes. But gout knee pain is not uncommon, especially as the it gets worse.

Gout is a painful condition caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the blood. When the concentration of this acid in the blood gets too high, monosodium urate crystals get deposited in the joints and surrounding soft tissues.

When this happens in the knee, it leads to symptoms in the knee and it virtually paralyzes you during the time of attack. The joint becomes swollen, stiff and you cannot use it at all. During an attack the knee gets very tender and hot, and you cannot even fold your leg.

The symptoms of this condition are very painful and can completely throw your life out of gear for some days. Gout in any joint is painful, but gout in the knee is particularly so.

The symptoms in the knee occur in four stages. It usually starts with no external symptoms when it is in its asymptomatic stage. You will probably first notice it when it progresses to the acute level and you have your first attack.

If it gets worse then you will have recurrent attacks affecting your normal life. In the acute and recurrent stages the attacks will develop suddenly, usually during night times, with unbearable pain. Finally it can shift to a chronic phase where the pain is ever-present and tophi begin to appear.

The majority of people who get this disorder the first time get it in the toes, but over time it can spread to other joints.

When you have an attack in the knee, it appears to be infected and becomes swollen. The pain may extend to your lower legs also.

Other symptoms will be excessive heat in the swollen area with red discoloration along with and tenderness and pain. Sometimes the pain will be mild but most of the time the gout pain on your knee will be unbearable and will put you in severe discomfort.

Gout knee can be clinically diagnosed and confirmed by examination of synovial fluid from the inflamed joint. Presence of urate crystals in the fluid are a definitive test for gout. In blood tests the hyperurecemia will be evident with high levels of blood uric acid. An X-ray examination of the knee will not reveal anything unusual as gout in knee does not affect the bone structure of the joint.

The treatment is aimed at stopping the excruciating pain and reducing the inflammation in the affected joint. For this various types of treatments are available ranging from medication to natural and home remedies.
Usually when you choose medication you will be on it for long periods of time to prevent recurrence of gout attacks. This long usage of medication can cause many adverse effects in your body.

There are many types of natural and home remedies to treat and manage gout knee and these are very simple, economical and safe to use. You have to make many adjustments in your diet, and you must cut back on foods that are rich in purines. (Check out the foods to avoid here)

Most fruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C which is important in treating gout.
by Keith Williamson under CC BY
Most fruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C which is important in treating gout.


Increasing the  amount of Vitamin C  and fresh fruit and vegetables is very beneficial. A well managed diet will help immensely.

Water is an important part of the treatment and you must drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. This will help your body to eliminate the excessive uric acid that is produced in your body.

When you are careful in what you eat, do exercises that improve flexibility and mobility, and drink lots of water you can avoid getting repeated attacks.

If this is not treated in the early stage it may become recurrent and return often. It may begin to turn up in other joints too.
Long term gout problems can eventually lead to permanent joint damage. It’s important to cure gout before it gets to that stage.


  1. Dale Howard says

    Hi,how are you?i have had this gout promblem for a long time. it has affected my job performance.i am so tired of dealing with this promblem.what do i do about it?

  2. thomas palmer says

    knee gout is indomethacin ok.

  3. I’ve never used it myself but I know many people have. If you’ve taken it before without problems then it should be ok.

    Remember though… I am not a doctor… This is not medical advice… etc etc 🙂

  4. Hello, I have been in major pain for two weeks. I just went to the Dr today and found out that i have gout in my right knee. I am 36 years old and cannot sleep and do much of anything. Anyway, i have no insurance and have researched ways on how to treat this on my own. Do you have ANY ideas that will help?


  5. Have you tried the baking soda trick? Basically 1 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water a few times a day. Don’t overdo it though. It’s not good for you in large quantities.

  6. Hi Brett,

    Ive been diagnosed with Gout. I refused allopathic treatment and found Apple Cider Vinegar to be very helpful. Unfortunately i was on vacation and didnt take it for a few days and the pain started one night. First my knee swelled up then my ankle, I immediately started ACV and the pain started to go away.

    Any how its been 7 days now there is no pain but my quad muscles are still swollen and stiff walking is a problem.

    Any idea how long it will take for the swelling to subside?


  7. Hi Adnan

    Thanks for getting in touch. It’s unusual for muscles to be affected by gout – it’s usually a joint thing. The only thing I can think of is that the gout has caused you to walk funny, and your quads have not coped with the strange movement. 7 days is a long time though, so it seems a bit strange that you continue to have problems. Hopefully over the next couple of days it starts to come right for you.


  8. I have had this knee problem for over a month. Went into Urgent Care and they said it was not arthrithis and sent me home with vicdins. It is all around my knee and sides and back.

  9. sam sharman says


    woke up one night with unbearable pain in my right knee…. yes knee was locked and started to swell.
    been on pain meds and muscle relaxants for 4 days now. pain has gone down to the lower half of my foot and toes as well.

    i do have chronic case of gout and according to all the symptoms you mentioned it happened exactly how you described it to be. starting myself on gout meds now… will get back to ya on the results…

  10. Hi Sam. Good luck with that. That gout pain is something else isn’t it! Until you get it it’s impossible to understand how bad it really is!

  11. thomas mehle says

    I have had gout since I was12,back then it was a big issue. Had a span of about 20 years with no issues then about 9 years ago it came back with a vengeance.I am currently on my 8th day of an attack in my left knee AGAIN, and the pain is unbearable still. Pain meds aren’t doing it and steroids didn’t do much at all. I have taken so many anti inflammation drugs I am concerned about the health affects from that. Please tell me more about water,baking soda,and anything else I can do to get some help. This has stopped me dead in my tracks with no end in sight…..

  12. I am past mitigating the situation. Drinking cherry juice is not going to help me. I am 64 and the damage has been done. I don’t want any medicine that comes with a thousand side effects. I just want to know how to deal with the pain and how I can still live a productive life. People get new knees–is this a final option? One thing that helps me is chow bands and I hope I spelled it right. They hold your knee together, but you can’t wear them all day-just enough to take a walk. Man, isn’t this pathetic?

  13. Well here goes… I have suffered from the gout since 2009. I’ve had it in my toes, hand, elbow, finger & most recently ( Right now! ) in my left knee! This is the first time in my knee. The pain is unbearable!! I have not had the gout since march 2013… All of a sudden I get it in my hand, then it spreads to my ankle now it’s in my knee. Has anyone ever had this type of issue where within a 5 day span its hit so many spots on the body?

    I’ve ran out of indomethicin & hated using colchicin! I’ve been taking advils lots of water cherry juice & rest… Calling the Dr in the am. Any suggestions in the meantime will help! This type of pain is the absolute worst!

  14. As Bill Clinton used to say “I can feel your pain”! So when I read all you comments I can too. Especially the left knee when seven days ago in the middle of the night I was severely jolted awake with shooting pain. I had traces of gout in that region before but never like this. Next day one can hardly bear it. Can’t walk on it, bend it. Can only call out in agony.
    Luckily I had my doctor fill a new Rx for COLCRYS 0.6MG to have on hand. {$90 for 60 pills}. I used to take it when it was called Colchicine {$6for 30 pills}. Go figure Big Pharm. Whatever the cost seven days later I can once again walk and hope to go dancing tonight. Although the knee is still tender to the touch and I will be careful. Side effect for me was some diarrhea but not too bad. At least I am free of the fear that this was going to be my first go at some knee surgery at age 85!

  15. Thanks for all the emails on gout. I have it in my left knee and it hurts a lot I will start drinking drinking drinking as much water as I can possibly drink I do not want another espisode some where else in my body. Good luck to all of us.

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