Uric Acid Treatment

If you suffer from gout, or have a family history of this condition, you need to investigate uric acid treatment. The problems caused by gout include severe pain and swelling but if you reduce the amount of such acid then those crystals can’t formulate. Making changes to your lifestyle will help you to avoid problems […]

Uric Acid Crystals

Uric acid crystals, known by some people as gout crystals, are the underlying problem causing gout pain and inflammation. When there is too much uric acid being produced in the body some of it will form hard microscopic crystals which build up in joint areas. They are very sharp, like needles or small pieces of […]

Diet to Reduce Uric Acid

A uric acid diet is of vital importance to the gout sufferer. High levels of uric acid in blood leads to the painful condition of gout. This acid crystallizes out of the blood and deposits into the joints, causing incredible pain and swelling of the area. Many forms of treatment are prescribed for this condition, but the […]


The importance of a proper gout diet can not be understated. Although there are other causes of gout, including genetics, being overweight, and kidney disorders, a purine-rich diet can lead to the production of more uric acid than the body can manage. Proper diet can help reduce the levels of purine in the body. But […]

Uric Acid

Gout and uric acid go hand in hand. Gout occurs when uric acid in the blood stream becomes too concentrated. Once the concentration of this acid reaches a certain level it cannot stay dissolved in the blood. When this happens the it crystallizes out of the blood in the form of monosodium urate monohydrate. That’s […]

What is gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis, usually first characterised in an acute attack in the joint of the big toe. Many times this attack will occur overnight, with the affected joint becoming red, swollen and very painful with no prior warning Gout generally affects middle-aged and overweight men, but can affect other people too. It […]

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