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You will often see cherry juice and gout talked about together. This is because cherry juice is becoming known as one of the most effective natural remedies available to manage the pain and inflammation caused by a attack. If you want to know more about gout check out What Is Gout?

There are many types of medication available for treating this condition, but many of them have adverse side effects and can be costly. But why go for medication when you can just eat some cherries and gout can be a thing of the past! Or if you are having an attack and cherries are out of season, you can just down some cherry juice and send that attack packing!

As treatment usually has to be continued for a long time on a regular basis, the harmful side effects are leading more and more patients to turn to natural and herbal remedies.

Cherry juice is one such treatment, and it is particularly beneficial for gout patients. It has been touted as an alternative treatment since the early 1950s. Gout and cherry juice are now inseparable due to the juices beneficial effects on the pain and inflammation.

Cherries are rich in anti-oxidants which helps protect joints from free radicals and inflammation common in people with gout.
by D H Wright under CC BY
Cherries are rich in anti-oxidants which helps protect joints from free radicals and inflammation common in people with gout.


Detailed studies of the beneficial effect of cherries on gout have found that all varieties of cherries carry large quantities of antioxidants and flavanoids that are beneficial to the human health.

In the early days of research, the flavnoids found in the cherries were mostly looked upon only as the coloring agents that gave the plant body the colors they possessed.

Further research has shown that the flavanoids in the cherries have an important element called anthocyanins that are able to boost health in those suffering from this disease.

The anthocyanins are primarily responsible for the deep coloring of the fruits and have very effective anti-inflammatory powers. They help in the reduction of pain caused by gout, and also a reduction in the factors that lead to joint and tissue damage.

The anthocyanin-rich cherry is one of the the best remedies for patients. Most medications have side effects, and as such cherry juice and natural remedies such as cold cabbage leaves and apple cider vinegar are very popular.
The anthocyanin in cherries is found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. These block the production of tissue and joint inflammation-producing enzymes in the body. They prevent tissue swelling when the uric acid crystals begin depositing in the soft tissues of the body. Due to this the gout inflammation is effectively checked, and the pain due to gout is prevented, by anthocyanins.

The latest research on cherry juice has clearly established that the anthocyanins in it also have the power to reduce the uric acid levels in the body. These levels are the primary cause of joint pain and inflammation of gout.
When you eat a serving of cherries daily on a regular basis it is found that it is very effective against  attacks, and there is a considerable reduction in the uric acid level in blood.

Cherries give this effect even when they are taken fresh, dried or juiced.
Thus cherries have to be included as a daily diet intake for those suffering from gout. It has multiple beneficial effects on gout and related conditions in the body.

Cherry juice and gout are an effective combination in combating the ill effects of gout and hence you should make cherries a regular item in your diet. This is one of the best ways to cure pain at home.


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    I take a large amount of FISHOIL PILLS a day 4000 mg. could this be a cause of my GOUT?

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