There Are Many Different Remedies

There are many different gout remedies available to the gout patient. The remedies that you choose will depend on your doctor’s advice and also your own preferences.

Gout attacks start when the uric acid level in the blood becomes too high, leading to the formation of urate crystals that get deposited in the soft tissues around the joints in the body. The body reacts to these crystals by flooding the affected area with inflammatory cells. This is what you see and feel when an attack starts.

Usually an  attack starts as a numbing sensation and progresses into throbbing pain accompanied by tenderness, soreness and swelling around the joint under attack. During the peak of an attack the patient experiences a very high level of discomfort and becomes unable to use the joint under attack.

The attack can be brought under control using simple natural remedies or by opting for prescription medication, or a combination of both.

Regardless of your preference, you need to seek out remedies to take care of two quite distinct problems. The first priority is to reduce the pain and swelling around the affected joint. The second, and arguably the most important, is the prevention of future attacks.

Gout Medication

Often, when you are experiencing acute attacks, your doctor will often put you on non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs which act on the inflammation, bringing it down in a short period of time. The reduced inflammation leads to reduced pain as well. Although one of the most effective gout remedies, it is known to have side effects that hit some people quite badly. In particular it can cause stomach problems such as ulcers.

For long-term treatment, your doctor may also prescribe medication to reduce the underlying conditions that cause this disease. Allopurinol is a commonly prescribed medication that limits the body’s ability to accumulate uric acid, but there are many  other medications prescribed as well. All of these drugs for the long term reduction of gout must be taken on a regular basis for a long time, perhaps for the rest of your life. Unfortunately these medicines are known to also have potential side effects such as skin reactions, nausea and vomiting. Also many people are coming to the realization that western medicine is not necessarily the best answer.

Natural Gout Remedies

These days more people are trying out natural or herbal gout remedies. Fortunately there are many types of effective natural and herbal products that can relieve you of your pain without the side effects of taking medication.

Parsley is known to provide gout relief.

Natural remedies include cold cabbage leaves placed directly on the affected joint to reduce the swelling, and drinking baking soda mixed with water to help offset the uric acid. If you do try the baking soda option please be careful not to overdo it.

Many herbs are thought to be good for gout including hawthorn, devils claw, hyssop and juniper. Parsley is also considered to be useful for patients.

Here’s a list of several other natural gout remedies that are worth looking into.
Cherries, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baked Potato, Spinach, Lemon Juice, High Fiber Diet, Fish Oil, Shark Cartilage, Alfalfa, Castor Oil, Cayenne Pepper, Peaches, Avocado, Charcoal, Grapes, Nettle, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Acupressure, Blueberries, Yoghurt, Prunes, Garlic, Ginger, Hydrangea, Devil’s Claw, Red Clover, Saffron, Spearmint, Strawberries and Yarrow. Soaking the affected areas in Epsom Salt is also thought to work well.

If the pain is particularly bad, some form of mind therapy such as yoga or meditation might be worth trying. Being able to disassociate from the pain can be a wonderful method to have in your bag of tricks.

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