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Get natural gout relief through simple home remedies

Gout, being a painful inflammatory condition, affects your normal life severely. But fortunately there are many types of natural relief for getting quick relief from the suffering.

Normally the big toe becomes hot, swollen, and tender with unbearable pain. The body is reacting to uric acid crystals depositing in the joints. The attack can last up to a week’s time.

There are many home remedies available that will help you get quick respite from the pain. These help you regain control over your life during an attack within a short period.

Also, by following simple dietary alterations and some simple lifestyle changes you can greatly reduce the occurrence of attacks.

Gout attacks are mainly caused due to regular use of alcoholic drinks, eating protein rich foods, heredity, lack of exercise and stressful lifestyle.

If you want to avoid getting debilitated by gout, you have to avoid certain foods that are very rich in purines that produce more uric acid in your body.

Cherries are found to be one of the best in giving effective natural gout relief. All types of cherries, sweet or sour can give the desired effect against attacks.

During a attack take at least fifteen to twenty cherries a day and thereafter you can reduce it to ten cherries after the symptoms have subsided.

Fresh cherries are best and if they are not available you can use canned cherries also, either in the form of fruits or juice.
Some vegetables have a natural tendency to reduce uric acid in the blood, as well as act as good natural anti-inflammatories.

Fresh raw juices from carrots, cucumber and beet can help gout sufferers treat gout.
by clayirving under CC BY-ND
Fresh raw juices from carrots, cucumber and beet can help gout sufferers treat gout.


Raw juices of carrot, cucumber and beet are found especially beneficial to a patient. Mix 100 ml of beet juice and 100 ml of cucumber juice with 300 ml of carrot juice and you have a good and effective natural relief.

Likewise the use of string or french beans is also effective in treating the pain due to gout. When about 150 ml of the beans juice is taken daily you can find a considerable reduction in flare up. Apple is said to give relief to a patient during an attack and can help in considerably reducing the severity and frequency of attacks. This is a simple but very effective natural relief.

Bananas are also a good treatment for this condition  and during a severe attack or when you anticipate an attack you can try a diet of only bananas for two or three days. This should help reduce the pain considerably.

The citric acid in lime is a very good natural treatments. When half a lime squeezed into a glass of water is taken frequently it will give quick relief from pain. This can also dissolve the crystals and bring down uric acid levels in blood.

Water is one of the best forms of natural relief. When you drink abundant water, your body gets hydrated and this will help your body to excrete the excess acid through urine. If you feel an acute gouty arthritis attack coming then increase your intake of water before it arrives.

Diet is the most important natural relief and you must completely avoid food items that are rich in purines. This will help you bring down the production of uric acid in your body.  This can be combined with proper natural foods that have the capacity of dissolving and eliminating the uric acid from your system.

The natural cures listed on this page can all help you relieve the immediate pain of gout and help prevent its recurrence over time. Take the time to try them out!

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