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There are many ways to get relief from the excruciating pain during a gout attack. If you prefer to go straight for the medicine, then there are many medications that can relieve the pain and lower the chance of future attacks.

However these days people often turn towards a more natural remedy for gout, in order to avoid potential side-effects from the medication.
For this condition, natural remedies are available in the forms of juices, herbal teas, compresses, baths and tinctures that help eliminate uric acid and ease pain. As it is the main cause of attacks, it is very much necessary to keep it under control.

Herbal and natural substances help you achieve this easily, economically and without any adverse effects on your overall health.

Some natural treatment options

The use of cherry juice in the healing of gout is in wide use throughout the world. It is best to drink the juice from the time when you have the first symptoms of an attack. You have to continue to take cherry juice so that it will help your body to neutralize as much uric acid as possible bringing down the severity of the attack considerably.

Refrigerated cabbage leaves are commonly used by gout patients to address pain and swelling during gout attacks.
by sammydavisdog under CC BY
Refrigerated cabbage leaves are commonly used by gout patients to address pain and swelling during gout attacks


Using cabbage leaves as an external natural remedy for gout is well known and can be used to get faster relief from pain. You have to keep some cabbage leaves in your freezer and when you are getting the pain just place the frozen cabbage leaves on the affected joint and wrap a towel over the same and leave it to thaw. You will be able to get good relief from the pain.

Celery seed is yet another natural remedy. It is known to have more than twenty types of anti-inflammatory agents, and hence can be a good cure for your pain. Celery seeds also help eliminate the gout-causing uric acid from your blood and hence when used regularly can help you avoid attacks. Boil 1 tablespoonful of celery seeds in 2 cups of water till the seeds become soft and drink the water 4 times a day and you will feel relief from pain immediately.

Spearmint is also a known herb that can get you good relief from pain. This can be used as a poultice and wrap on the affected area. Likewise mullein leaves also offer good relief when used as a wrap on the joint under attack.

Garlic is a versatile everyday substance we commonly used in our diet and this can also be useful as a natural remedy for gout when mixed with blackberry juice to get a quick and complete relief from pain. Garlic can be eaten raw also.

Devil’s Claw is yet another well known cleansing agent and this can be used to get rid of excess uric acid from our body. By taking 400 mg of devil’s claw extract three times a day, you can get your body cleansed of most of the toxins.

Sour berries are also very effective in treating this disease. For getting natural remedy using sour berries you have to take at least 5 berries in the morning and 5 berries at night when you go to bed. The berries can either be frozen or fresh.

Apple Cider Vinegar and honey are touted as another effective natural remedy. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, add two tablespoons of honey and take it twice in a day. When you use it regularly, you can feel the difference in the action on your joints and you can greatly reduce the frequency of attacks.

There many other natural remedies known to be effective for gout, just a few of which are alfalfa, bilberry, black cohash, buchu tea, hawthorn, nettle and parsley.

Food as a natural treatment

A low fat diet with lots of Vitamin C, fresh fruits and vegetables is very effective for the long term avoidance of problems.

Fruits like apple, pomegranate, lime etc are also very good, and when you take them regularly you can drastically bring down the occurrence of attacks. Be careful though as some people report attacks as a result of having too much fructose.

Some natural foods like cherries, apples, lemon, french beans juice, black cherry, strawberries, alfalfa, and many others are known for their beneficial effects for the patient. They can help you get rid of the pain and will also make attacks less frequent.

More simple natural remedies

Taking abundant water will help your body cleanse itself of the toxins that accumulate in your body. When you take about 10 to 12 glasses of water daily, your body will be hydrated sufficiently enough to excrete uric acid through urine. This will have a very positive effect on the overall management of your condition.

Doing mild exercise is yet another way of helping your body to withstand the effects of gout. Retaining joint flexibility and range of motion is vital if the gout sufferer is going to keep from gaining weight and exacerbating their symptoms.
And finally, keep an eye on your body weight, as obesity can make gout worse.

Once you understand that there are many natural treatments you realize that you do not have to suffer gout for the rest of your life, and you certainly don’t need to be stuck taking medications forever.


  1. Cruising for a Bruising!

    Over weight & over fed & drinking a bottle of red wine a day 7/7 & to make things worse, I added lots of mushrooms to my diet.

    You would think that at 60 years of age & diagnosed with Diabetes -Diabetic Neuropathy 4 years ago, I would have more sense?But the problem with most of us today is that we think we are still in our twenties & still treat our bodies the way we did when we were young! And of course its very hard to teach “old dogs, new tricks”! Oh, but when you get the “Mother of all Gout attacks”, you start listening to sense & are prepared to “go cold turkey” with your diet & refreshment. Boy, I NEVER want to get another one of those attacks. I have had renal attacks in the past, but this “beauty” took the biscuit.

    I am researching Home Cures, because my attack happened on a weekend, followed by a Bank holiday.
    It seemed my body planned it that way: “I’ll teach that son-of-a-gun a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry”!
    But do you know something, if you don’t change your diet & lifestyle straight away, you will begin to forget how bad the pain really was. Humans are sooooooo stupid!

    Thank you for all the information!


    Most people who come to a site like yours NEED TO, so “cut to the chase” & give them the cures right off; you can fill in the other information later.

  2. Hi Leonardo

    Thanks for coming along and sharing. You are so right in that until we get “HIT” big time we just cruise along thinking all is well. And then in the middle of the night… WHAM comes that gout attack. And that’s one hell of a wake up call!

    Regarding your last comment… I’m definitely of the opinion that diet is where it’s at with gout, and that short term solutions – while useful – can only mask the underlying problems. You alluded to this too in your comment. So sure, go for the baking soda, and the cherries, but really the main thing is to look for the long-term solution, being a healthy REAL FOOD diet, and weight loss.

    1 bottle of wine a day is getting up there. But in saying that, just before I stopped drinking totally, a bottle of wine would have been my warm-up (or breakfast). Once I knocked that on the head, gout quickly became a thing of the past (as well as a host of other problems)

    Thanks for your contribution, and good luck with the gout.


  3. the gout information also with treatment and cure naturally is useful with yoga can cure the gout and can be increase by practice the yoga and swimming can help with your all the natrual vegies you
    mentionis is usefull

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